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We are at VRINDA, Our Mission is to manufcatured Li-Ion Battery Raw Materials at competitive cost. Help world to create Green Energy.


About Us

We are manufacturer of Li-ion battery chemicals which have large application in future electric vehicles which will run on batteries.


Why Us?

We assure of continuous & best quality material supply (more than 99.8% purity chemicals) to the growing industries in India and abroad.


Our Mission

Our Mission Is To Manufcatured Li-Ion Battery Raw Materials At Competitive Cost. Help World To Create Green Energy.

Advantages Of Li-ion Batteries


Low Maintenance

One major lithium ion battery advantage is that they do not require and maintenance to ensure their performance.

battery types

Variety of Types

This advantage of lithium ion batteries can mean that the right technology can be used for the particular application needed.


Ready To Use

There is no requirement of Priming for this with lithium ion cells and batteries. They are always Ready


No Self-Discharge

Lithium ion cells is that their rate of self-discharge is much lower than that of other rechargeable cells..

Our Products


Lithium Iron Phosphate

Lithium iron phosphate, also known as LFP, is an inorganic compound with the formula LiFePO4...

Lithium Acetate Dihydrate

Lithium Acetate Dihydrate

Lithium acetate dihydrate (CH3COOLi.2H2O) may be used in the preparation of the solution of lithium acetate[1] and single crystals of lithium acetate dihydrate....

Lithium Titanate

Lithium Titanate

The lithium–titanate battery is a type of rechargeable battery which has the advantage of being faster to charge than other lithium-ion batteries....

Lithium Carbonate

Lithium Carbonate

Lithium carbonate is an inorganic compound, the lithium salt of carbonate with the formula Li2CO3. This white salt is widely used in the processing of metal oxides....

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